Tuesday, December 29, 2009

JASMA adjustable Actuator

tem :JASMA adjustable internal wastegate actuator
Condition : NEW
Price : RM110
Mode of Delivery : COD @ By post
Contact Person : Zul
Contact No. : 0124197510
Location : Ipoh

**Delivery Charges And Needed Time:
1.Peninsular: (RM ikut barang) (within 5 working days)
2.Sabah/Sarawak: (RM ikut barang) (within 7 working days)
3.Cash On Delivery.(after 3 working days)

JASMA internal wastegate turbo actuators utilize larger internal diaphragms than the original equipment actuators allowing quicker turbocharger spool up and boost stability. JASMA upgraded wastegate actuators are for use with the factory turbocharger and are a direct replacement for TD05 turbocharger.

The JASMA  Adjustable Actuator Upgrade Kit Single Turbo will allow you to adjust boost levels by opening the internal wastegate before or after the OEM settings, if turn boost levels are adjusted.It is an excellent piece for those looking for more hp out of their engine while still maintaining their standard Turbo!!

 * When adjusting the rod, please use a pressure pump to test the pressure rating which the wastegate opens and closes to your desirable boost pressure. For people that doesn't have a pressure pump, turn just 2-3 turns at a time and drive the car carefully to see what boost pressure is achieved.

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